Hive Equipment Any wooden ware that is used for beekeeping we make in-house. We can also do custom hives, wood etchings, signs, and much more. We always have standard wooden hives on hand, but come check out our store to see any of the one of a kind projects we have available for purchase. We keep a good quantity of frames on hand and some other types of beekeeping equipment that we have to buy in.
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Honey Harvested from our own hives and never cooked. We simply pass it through a course filter to remove any large particles but still retain all the beneficial pollens. This honey is as raw as it comes and bottled in various sizes.
Brooms Handmade on our 1800’s historical equipment. Each broom is a work of art. If you have a specific need (size, use, style) be sure to inquire. We can accomodate most requests. Choose from our house, hearth, children’s, halloween, wisk, and cake tester. If you would like to order a broom to be shipped to you please go to
Soaps Lye soaps made in the old fashion way. We mainly do pure lye soap because of how gentle it is on the skin. In recent years we have expanded to trying some scented recipes that incorporate our wax as well.
Wax Pure beeswax either in blocks for you to use in your own crafts, or purchase some of our candles. We also make a variety other products with our wax such as beeswrap and lip balms. 
Bees We produce Russian Queens and Nucs on our farm, and ship in large quantities of Carniolan packages in the spring to outfit beekeepers in our area. If you are interested in pre-ordering bees please head over to our dedicated website for honey bee sales.